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Crafta Obscura was founded in 2010 after being encouraged by friends and family to sell my creations. I have been creating my entire life. My BA was in Product and Packaging design, with the intent to design toys. After completing my senior project, I realized I was not cut out for the toy design culture.I began professionally taking pictures in 1996, while starting my master’s degree at Academy of Art college in Architectural Photography. In the early 2000's I switched from film to digital, and the photo business was named Zero One Photo.


My grandmother was instrumental in my development, and made me believe that there was nothing I could not do. No pink jobs, no blue jobs, just do what makes you happy. Grandma also taught me to knit.Besides the items I sell I also paint, knit, crochet, design and create what ever fancies me. All of my work is made to be functional art, please use it enjoy it everyday!

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